What They Do Not Teach You

Mi'kail Eli'yah
7 min readMay 26, 2018

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1. Don’t Follow The Crowd.

Re-think the common values and what is commonly valued (even when they are religious) — such as money and titles. Know and see through the difference between price, cost, worth, and value. (They are really not the same)

Majority can be wrong, dead wrong, especially when everyone is conditioned the same way, and everyone is reading from the same book. It is called — herd thinking and mass delusion. Never forget Socrates’ end, it was a vote by the majority.


Don’t race with anyone, especially when their destination is perdition.

Do not be confused with being unconvinced with being right. Everyone may be wrong in entirety, and perhaps even be irrelevant. It is vital that when education had failed us to teach us how to think clearly without preference, prejudice or bias, we have to educate ourselves and immune ourselves from the fatal fallacies that will dictate our lives.

… The race is not to the swift or the battle to the strong … — Ecclesiastes 9:11

2. Handle Danger

Go where no one went. Learn how to handle danger. You will be able to laugh within storms in life and take down crisis. It’s a step to be bigger than life.

Children must be given the space and taught rigor decision making to be in control of their lives. They must be trained to handle danger. They have to be empowered to dare the impossible.

The dilemma is — most people are not equipped to teach this topic.

There are difficult situations and there are difficult people. We have to be trained, equipped and prepared.

My ancestors probably designated military training in the family to make us lions, in order to devour wolves. - 2008-09.01

In many accounts, most people do not know how to defend themselves in the least disadvantageous situation. Just…
Mi'kail Eli'yah