The Walk Towards Utopia: Fundamentals of Utopia

Chapter 05: Fundamentals Of Utopia

Mi'kail Eli'yah
10 min readAug 16, 2022

This thesis is dedicated to Every human who dreams of a better life and a better world for themselves and their children.

Only Those With Vision Can See — Bemused and Benighted

Politics is a phenomenon of the state of mind, human means and modes of decisions, interactions and events — accumulatively the Zeitgeist. As all human events are motivated by human decisions, and human decisions are resultants of human preferences, the vectoral parameters to govern such dispositions are consequential. Scientific methods to motivate and condition predisposition naturally becomes a tempting, devilish pursuit. It is the consequences that write human history. Fundamentally, the society has to operate in some form or mode. It needs an operate architecture and a mechanism to conduct its existence.

To deter any form of polarization in the influence of human events, it is fundamental that all humans are equal in the autonomy within society, and their minds are not under the mercy of any deceptive manipulation. This is only possible under the condition that all entities are erudite and sound to make well-informed decision.

Every human event consists of both ideas and acts, it is the gain of control over these domains that many contend and contest in a perpetual inexorable conflict, in a conquest of human minds. Such conflict is polarized from the differing conclusions derived from multilateral views, whichever side it is being viewed from becomes a continuing battle of good versus evil. Where cherished conviction is concerned, it becomes a religious issue, no matter how atheistic or scientific.

To mitigate the phenomenon of conflicting views, each should abandon their emotive stance. There has to be a daring walk towards the Mecca of the opponents’ perspectives; turning against their own preferences in the alignment and embracing their oppositions and opponents, in objective humility and avid studies of all science and arts of human brilliance, assimilating into one’s education, can they resolve the crisis and avert folly in human history. They must be unspoken leaders inspiring their opponents to do likewise. When all sides are aligned, and a unified understanding is cultured, all will stand in the complement with each other in one unified walk towards the True Mecca of Humanity.

Having no human opposition, in alignment for harmony and synergetic mutual encouragement of growth and progress, all humans become respected and beloved equals of each other. They come to apprehend that the true enemy is not with another mortal entity but their spiritual handicap.

Human wasted their chance not just in their lives but in the walks of history. They discovered calculus too late. Archimedes was 1800+ years before Newton and Leibnz. Imagine we had been 1800+ years earlier in development under calculus, how would our current civilization be today?

We study all the good and bad, take all the good to re-engineer our civilization. We will try to enhance everyone’s lives, but if people wants us to keep quiet and bury the truth at all cost, there is no need for wasteful debates, we just don’t have to save them. The more important thing is to observe — and absorb the best essence of human virtues and intelligence.

I fear more about the quality of the people. The polls show a society that is ill. We are over-rewarding jesters and NBA players and under-funding medical research and having teachers on minimal wage. People already voted the same way with their dollars. Barbarism in any form, no matter how civilly disguised, is disgrace and disgust itself. We should advocate egalitarianism in sociological stand, extropianism (extropy) in a transhumanist view, and places strong emphasis on rational thinking, practical optimism and proactive living.

I was told that diseases, starvation and accidents happening to innocent children are there because God has His reasons - He has a divine plan beyond our understanding, and I should accept them - but, they grumble against their government ... because it was never part of God's plan? It's either divine stupidity, plain mortal psychopathic, egoism or both. - 2013-03.07Jesters, as any form of entertainers, are merely honored by fools. The world needs scientists, not clowns. - 2015-12.31

When an entertainer or celebrity dies, we lose a tune or jest, and it's all over the news. When a scientist dies, s/he might bring a life-saving formula (or even one that might change the walk of civilization fate) to his/her grave ... yet no one cares. - 2016-01.11

Fools follow the fool. - 2016-01.24

If the jester is your king, who is the greater fool? - 1989

In economic sense, there has to be lucid and honest approach to resource distribution, there may not be equality, but fairness. There has to be warranted justification why some people commandeers more resources than others, reasons must satisfy optimality of production and altruistic motivation. There must be mutual understanding, trust, integrity, and probity between those who consign the resource and those who have been devolved to utilize them for a common good.

In the system, leaders are the austere servants of multitudes. Luxurious goods and sybaritic lifestyles are disapprobated and frowned upon. The quality of humankind in pneumatic, psychic and somatic faculties are subjects of relentless pursuits for the sublime levels.

Humanity quality is the vital focus. If we get this right, Hope becomes an engineering possibility. To discourage, demotivate or tell people that they can’t do it, indirectly telling them, they should not try at all, merely because of our own self-limiting and self-paralyzing beliefs and preferences, is cursing the people and the next generations alike into inheriting and continuing our incompetence, helplessness and defeatism. We want everyone to be the builders of the next possible civilization. What we failed, is our fault, and we should not drag them to our abjection.

There are at last 3 things we are all poorly taught in life — being prepared for life itself, to make decisions, and — reality, most people think they know `reality`. Most people think short, understand shallow, look surface, and live parochial. If you cannot give the children good parents, give them good education at least. Education was a source of revolution, it can also become a means of assisted evolution. The fundamental principle of education is not merely to feed facts by to induce a format, and to have the students derived their own format and formula, and if they can gather to form their own formation — a civilization moves forward.

We can’t waste my limited minutes convincing egomaniacs and educating laymen into surgeons, not to speak of bigots who are taking me for a fool’s ride, when someone is dying in the surgery theater. We need to gather people who are willing to step forward and into the operating theater to work ardently. If someone merely would loses the argument and dastardly offer the usual hypocritical congratulatories, someone will die for our foolish time lost.

If we keep going on the wrong direction, the outcome of the test is telling. Humanity keeps focusing on the wrong things and wasting the chance of the day away. We are on type 0.73 civilization on Kardashev scale, and we have very little chance of surviving the next 5 billion years, and as we willfully think it’s 5 billion years is a long time, the future generations will curse our folly. If we remain in Type 0 stagnancy mentality, many things will crawl and leave a trail of blood, likely including ours.

Most communities lack the courage for proactive empathy, to be responsible for each other, and they lack the courage to admit for that lack. We came into a chaotic world, not to follow the traditions — especially the traditions of poverty, injustice, oppression, war, disease, greed, corruption, superstition and most of all apathy and wilful ignorance, but — to find resolutions — for a real progressive, clear minded, empathetic civilization, such that we can walk out of our modern dark age — for the very first time in human history.

Exclusive superiority is not the focus, in fact, it is fatal distraction. We have to focus rather on optimal synaptic-akin coordination and synergetic synchronicity for symbiotic synergy. We will, therein, be a superior civilization instead of a superior isolation for mere local optimality which is really just inferior and mediocre enough to dismiss the global optimality. Everyone is family. This is what the society never realized. If they do, a real civilization can be powered and fuel forward by symbiosis. We suffer our own self-limiting selfishness. Think of how you would love your own children, your own siblings (despite the fights — no matter how bitter). I guarantee you if the world can love each other as their own, we can see the first lights of dawn of a true human civilization. The sufferings that we hear so much today will become a dark historical past that our future generations will only read about; and they shall be aghast and filled with unspeakable disgust with what is gladly ancient to them. For them, we should and can start today.

Our hypothetical paradigm is — as we all each live our mortal lives, at within each of our mortal lives, if we had not detect the sign of Omega point, i.e. existence of future beings within our midst, as long as we live the next day, we have today to do something or something orthogonal to cause that switch to flip that possibility. However, if we waste our draws on that chance by trading with cheap distraction, we waste that window to survive our descendents from reaching Omega point. And even if we live our last day, the last surviving person needs our help to draw that chance of even to our last day. The last day to the last person. Of course, that chance dwindles as we proceed. So — the question is — what will you do — now, as you maximize that draw to chance humanity to reach that Omega point?

Humanity knows no nationality. - 2012-11.19"""
A: Which country do you support?
Me (looking into the sky): Don't be stupid, there is a immensely wide universe out there. - 2000
If you come to me with a problem and retain to remain in the Mouse Utopia of Type 0, the discussion will not build any grounds nor progress. We have to work sincerely on pushing humanity forward right now. We have to move beyond Type 0 civilization. If you don't want to do real work, my next minute is not going to meet optimality. - 2020-09.04True civilization never really dawned, and I am afraid to die in the darkness of the dusk. - 2020-09.07


It is an extremely sad irony for scholars hitting high scores for their statement of purpose essays, skillfully beguiling perspicacious examiners, in the process of procuring a seat in the prestigious university as the milestone for their materialistic dream of lavishing vanities. In the midst of fustian of altruistic aspirations and sciolism, these barbarians in disguise have absolutely no sense or will to reform social conditions — perhaps merely worsening it with selfish indulgence and vanities.

It’s not that we cannot do anything about it, in fact, by maintaining our present state of production and consumption, and deliberate ignorance of externalities, we are making things worse — we are part of the problem.

Our primary aim in life is to inspire altruist motivation in humans, awakening their homo-sapien soul to stand on the 2 feet of their next evolutionary stage — the homo-arete. Our secondary aim to satisfy our innate creator’s instinct to explore the mysteries of untold science and hidden lore, bringing the technology and logic to `depuzzle` nature, illuminating the motivation and meaning of the existence of all matters — all in the hope to nourish all creatures great and small physically and spiritually, such that they may flourish beautifully under the backdrop of this wondrous nature of Natur’s art.

Time to time again, it was demonstrated that when solving the problems of others, one may come to a point that he hit on his own solution. Empathy has been shown to augment awareness and possibilities and reach a Nash equilibrium that is beyond zero-sum.

Altrulogy maximizes 2 factors — synergy and symbiosis, and minimize sufferings and stupidity. The idea that a person is willing to take the pain or death in the place of his/ her own child is a direct evidence that a human can sacrifice ultimately and bear the ultimate for another.

Not that we want to be altruists, we have to be, there is strong rationality in this, not emotionality, though that comes along later. This is what I mean by Altrulogy — the ergonomic, utilitarian, sociological rationality of altruism.

A: I refute the idea of your concept of Altrulogy, whichever way you call it. It is in the selfish gene that I protect my own young, as it is according to the Darwinist rules.
Me: I am unsure where it was mentioned by C. Darwin, but let me put forward a scenario to you.A: Go ahead.Me: Would you agree with me that if by means your child was swapped by birth, you would have treated him or her with the same passion and delight, and by which I concurred with the very mechanism may have been programmatically embedded in our genes?A: Yes, that is true if I am not aware that the child is not from my own begot.Me: ok, and if that child was me or anybody else, would that matter to you?A: I see where you are going ... but I have difficulty accepting that logic.Me: It is understandable, that is why I have to prove it by experiential simulation. If it is merely so simple as to say it and have it embraced as the thing to do, things would be much easier.
- 2000
How do you draw a relationship between Altrulogy, blissful mentation, a salubrious well-being and a fulfilling life? - On thoughts, words, deeds and Pymalion, 2002-09.30Altruism is the most selfish thing we can do for ourselves to live happier, longer and healthier. - 2011-12.29The gospel of science is that we are connected, there should be an architecture - lest again under our romantic delusion, but at least, we share in harmony. - 2011-12.30