The Parables Of Paradigm Shifts

The Inner Eye

Mi'kail Eli'yah
9 min readMar 19, 2023

Time Machine Paradigm

This is the year 20XX (somewhere 15 to 20 years from now, you would be __ years old), your spouse is experiencing some pain. You bring her to the doctor. The doctor orders a scan. The result is — terminal stage cancer. You walked past a mirror with her, and it reflects both of your reflections, reminding you of a wedding photo taking. She is no longer the younger bubbly girl you know. Suddenly, she looks so old, and you realized that 2 decades had passed without you knowing. As she staggered weakly and in mild pain, you started wondering how many weeks will take you to that last week you may have with her. The good news is … there is a time machine. Good ! You are back here in 2023. What would you do now before going towards that day in 20XX? This is your last chance. No more time machine.

I can accept your explanation and/or excuses, but you have to accept that you are responsible for your ill-fated destiny and the predicament of your posterity to come, and I guarantee you that it will not change if … you don't. - to `03`, 2006–06.22

If you don't accept that you can be part of the change, you are part of the cause and perpetuation of the problem. - Ursa

I have severe nostalgia-phobia, especially when you know that humans have very little control over their own destiny, and most…