The Human Story: Mores, Morale, Motif, Motive and Motivation

Engineering Symbiotic Synergy With Universal Empathy and Universal Justice

Mi'kail Eli'yah


The human spirit paves the way for the future of our society and civilization. However, organizations and institutions continue to wrestle and grapple on the comprehension of the human dynamics to create beyond the zero-sum.

We must first understand the basis of human conditional settings and conditioning before we can create sociological engineering for the virtuous cyclical basis of symbiotic mutual beneficence. Maslow had dedicated his life on the quest of understanding human motivation. Many sociologists and psychologists continue the search. The sincere question would be how we can make a comprehensive applied sociology to bring out the best in people to work towards the elevation of a common good instead of the common tragedy we see today.

If you want to motivate, understand the motives. If you want to activate, understand the `actives` (i.e. what activates). There are motivated vices versus unmotivated virtues or rather what is the effectuality when each side motivates with different effects and outcomes. How do we ensure proactive virtues for our sociological virtuous cycle?

It’s fruitless to spark passion if there was never any spirit. Most people are not born to be spirited, they have to be nurtured, not institutionalized. The first way to motivate anyone to do anything — is to touch them. Move them within before you want to move them beyond.

Passion moves work. Compassion moves people. With both, we move civilization. — 2019-01.16

Never micromanage, automate with keystone habits and they will act accordingly. — 2012–08.16

When someone is running in full speed, no matter how slow that person is, do not push. S/he is already struggling to balance, and will fall given that push. — 2023

He who cannot apprehend the pains and pleasures of the individuals, push and pull factors of the masses cannot preempt the next move nor capture the hearts. It is tantamount to condemning oneself to defeat. — 2001

Live among them and be 1 of them to truly understand. Anything other than that is mere…