The Expedition

Mi'kail Eli'yah
7 min readFeb 13, 2021

Every path tells a tale. To every expeditioner, every lanes seems to be ever speaking to every traveler and sojourner. Every ambers, every streams, every trees whisper their each and unique lore to those who care to lend a ear; they bespeak the thoughts of nature and ways of their sojourners.

There are times where supplies went low, tools worn out, and roads end dead; but nature shares a secret to those who envision against mere human sense. To the wise, the supplies are inexhaustible, tools are abundant, and roads re-emerge everywhere. For by only realizing that limits are merely self-created illusions, that one may become invincible, and one may be truly enlightened.

For life is an expedition by itself, and the conquest shall only be won by surmounting it’s demons. The expeditioner knows deeply that the past, present and future is now, there is no meaning to his journey if he fails to travel within; the first step starts within himself and ends at where he started.

Day after day, you will be faced with numerous conflicts that demand the need to engage in constant struggle or battle. Yet, the path is never meant to be conquered for it is titled to be claimed. No mortal king can stop you when you comprehend the laws of physics. There are veins to tap and mysteries forces awaiting to be triggered. Life’s journey has taught me the delusion fabricated by the misconceptions between opinion, facts and truth.

The Illusion Of ‘Me’

Determinism Versus Self-Determinism (aka Free-Will)

You have a list of options, and so you think, you came down to 2 or maybe 3 of the list, of which is the most desirable, and … so you think, then just before you begin to pick that chosen one … you begin to wonder why you pick why you pick. Now, you might begin to suspect something, so you rewind your thoughts, walk up and down the mechanics that got you there. Then you walk back to where you started and wonder how the list got there in the first place. Is this all free will or just an illusion to what you chose, why you chose and how you chose? Did your past conditions programmed you? What if those conditions were different? Is it where you are born? Who you are born to? If so, could you have rewritten those conditions to re-write your story? Can you…