The Art of Organization, Orchestration And Orientation of A Group

Mi'kail Eli'yah
15 min readSep 2, 2019

The common fallacy of organization is in missing the architectur’ing an evolving system while over-focusing on the shallow functional objectives. Identifying ways to make operations run better, faster, cheaper, smoother, more profitably, or safer, and getting the organization to reduce costs, avoid major problems, eliminate roadblocks, or increase productivity are functional based focus, however, such tactical focus can miss the entire strategy at hand. The art of organization is in its evolution from polarization, mitosis to maturation.

Before we address the Modus Operandi, we need to consider the organism of the organization because it is in the elements that make up it’s parts and the parts, it’s whole. When the parts are refined, the system design comes into question. In an artful strategic design, the organization thrives on the infrastructure which the systems come together to form. Hence, we need to work skillful as an architect of the organization before we start the organizational conception.

[The Architect] defines the relationship between entities. — Ursa, 2008–02.24

No one remembers the best player from the losing team. — Ursa

Man, Machine, Method

Many organizations starts on the wrong focus. They put resources into setting up machines and acquiring or building solutions, putting hardware and software together. However, it is quite a matter of time after deployment, they realized that they can’t maintain them. The problem is not because they did not get the right tools. In fact, on observation, when they experience that first symptoms of the chaos, they — add more machines and acquire more tools. Yet, it will be evident that the yield will not be promising after that period of short lived apparent amelioration. They asked the right questions, but they expected the wrong answer. A better approach is to start with the people, especially those that will bring that significance.

`Man, Machine, Method`, focus on the `Man` (human) first. Take care of the people, and the people will take care of the organization. — Ursa

Grow the people appropriately, they will build your processes naturally. — 2012-01.09

Mi'kail Eli'yah

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