Lore from the Romance of the 3 Kingdoms, Part 12

Mi'kail Eli'yah
3 min readOct 11, 2020

[Chapter 112] Rescuing Shouchun, Yu Quan Dies Nobly;
Attacking Changcheng, Jiang Wei Mobilizes.
1. If profit is the reason for collaboration, never mistake them as your friends.

2. There is no cause for war when people are not enslaved in any means. The loyalty to kings and delusional beliefs of divine mandates are runes of the mad men to brew and bring chaos, and making the people pay the price of blood for their own narcissistic glory.

3. The war fought for beliefs and benefits discounted the possibility where talents stand together to compound on each other’s interests instead against each other forming bigoted sides.

4. As the simians beat their chests, the more well-equipped and organized simians beat their war drums.

[Chapter 113] Ding Feng Makes A Plan To Slay Sun Chen;
Jiang Wei Arrays A Battle To Defeat Deng Ai.
Lesson(s): The worm-tongued are venomous. A crew of argonounts makes a great general. A general with his war cabinet can be the factor of the life and death of 100, 000 men. Yet with a few statements of vile treachery, the dastardly worm-tongues can slay nations.

[Chapter 114] Driving To The South Gate, Cao Mao Plunges Into Death;
Abandoning Stores, Jiang Wei Defeats The Wei Army.
Lesson(s): Beware of robbing a trojan bait.

[Chapter 115] Listening To Slander, The Latter Ruler Recalls His Army;
Living In Farms, Jiang Wei Avoids Disaster.
1. War is an enterprise of the desperate and limited. Lives are at stake, but the kings are warm in their comforts enshrined by the pitifully benighted mass.

2. While the unfinished task is inherited, is the context still relevant to what was entrusted? The ghosts of traditions can blind the heir herded minds and curse posterity.

[Chapter 116] On Hanzhong Roads, Zhong Hui Divides The Army;
In Dingjun Mountain, The Martial Lord Shows His Apparition…

Mi'kail Eli'yah