Insights And Advices Collected Along The Way, Part 2

Notes From My Friends (From 2011 to 2020)

Mi'kail Eli'yah
50 min readOct 29, 2022


This is a continuation from Part 1 which contains `Notes From My Friends (From 1984 to 2010)`.

It is beautiful that something purely imaginary.. and extending to infinite proportions could result in a real value. - Sushanth, Re: Sushanth's theorem, 2010-02.27

A mathematical equation is not simply a meaningless matter of fact, it depicts a story filled with phenomenal symbols that are important and evidential to complete the mystery and fulfill the meaning itself. If the capacity to understand, by itself, is mysterious and inscrutable to us, just as much as the meaning of the phenomenon of such understanding, are within the capacity of understanding to apprehend eventually, becomes all apprehendable.

There is no good or bad mathematics, but rather optimal or non-optimal definitions, perspectives, modeling, and assumptions and estimations; mathematics is merely a victim of our own expressions.

Define the complete and sound mathematical formulation, then prove its existence, then motivation. That wonder can be a start.

I was asked to go to the Dean’s office for my straight A’s, and I was offered a recommendation to go to R. University to continue my Phd as I expressed my desire for genetic engineering, and some of the facilities were there. I took that session to consult Prof Lin about my biomedical pursuits, and he advised me:
“Mikail, if you keep on going this way, you could be in very bad trouble. There are 3 ways, and you are too straightforward in your biomedical activism. The industry won’t be soft on you if they find you hurting their profits.”
“What are the other 2 ways?”, I asked.
“You could work for a profitable Pharma and be wealthy.”, he answered.
“I want to save lives, Prof”, I insisted as he noticed my disappointment.
“.... or the 3rd way is what I chose - to become a professor.”, Prof Lin replied, and this brought a smile to my face. - Prof W.M. Lin to Mikail, 2010



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