`Holodeck Technique` to Fine Tune your Mind and Life

Mi'kail Eli'yah
8 min readJun 2, 2018

The story in our head … becomes our reality.

The holodeck is a fictional engineering facility from the television series, Star Trek. It is deployed as a staging situational simulation environment in which participants may engage and train with different virtual reality environments for war-gaming before an actual mission.

It is also used for information illustration to introduce vital information on demography, history, locations, characters and events that usually occurs during a debrief before or after a mission.

The `Holodeck Technique`, here, is a method for the mind to do likewise, actively directing the subconscious mind to mine, refine and, eventually work out and derived the solutions. It is deployed as a staging situational simulation environment using mental imagery or recollections, synthesized from information gather from time to time, in which participant may engage, trial, condition and train reflexes and reaction to given scenarios or situation. This may be used as a conditioning device before as a mental instruction for enhancement or preparedness or post ex facto as a corrective intervention.

Holodeck, Star Trek

In the `Holodeck Technique`, the subject goes back and replay the scene. The subject keeps replaying the scene and speaking to oneself how one can do adjustments. It’s like a dancer and choreographer. It is deliberate and ruminative practice until it becomes a reflex and part of the person.

Using the mental imagery, the `Holodeck Technique` is the use of the mind as a simulator to keep conditioning or hardening the subject to be immune to certain stressful situations. For trauma rehabilitation, the subject keeps going back to revisit and reflect until the subject is mentally hardened to the situation. Post the analysis, the subject does the interventive synthesis to remediate his/her reflexes on that situation. The subject reacts the undesirable way during the situation because his/her mental state was inept, unskilled, maladroit, and / or uninformed, or even mis-informed from the start. However, with the conditioning, the subject reacts the prescribed way when the situation or similar situation resurfaces because the program was designed to optimize for control for the best outcome. Chances…

Mi'kail Eli'yah