High Resolution Clarity For Decisive Execution

`Make It Clear` To `Make It Count`

Mi'kail Eli'yah
10 min readApr 30


If you cannot qualify and quantify a situation, you cannot make an informed, sound judgment and decision to contain a situation. Without a clear cognizance and understanding of the critical factors involved, it is difficult to contain a situation and prevent it from escalating. Qualifying a situation involves assessing its nature and key characteristics as a step towards unlocking the key controls. It is vital to understand the root cause of the problem, the dimensional extent of the situation, and the potential consequences in perceivable situations.

The worst curse of estimates is not the lack of information or misinformation, but the wanton willingness to take on baseless assumptions in the lack of information. The lack of definition and reasonable measurement of how quality work can be done create more work — only in terms of quantity.

Determine The Terrain Context Domains

There is a thinking framework, a mind map, which you can use when you just take a look at your hand. Sometimes, I termed it as the `Logos Tableau`. With pun intended, there is thinking facility at hand.

5 Surveys Framework: Thumb, Index, Medius, Annularious, Auricularious

I will leave the details in another chapter of a book.

Capturing The Cruxes

Many situations delude us, however, it is within the crux that we can capture the situation and apprehend to guide them towards the resolutions.

The Master Key To Solving Puzzles
.1. Part 1
.2. Part 2
.3. Part 3

Make It Count

Quantifying a situation involves assigning numerical values or measurements to the various factors involved. This could include determining the financial cost of a project, the number of people affected by a decision, or the level of risk associated with a particular course of action.

Speed sensitivity (including range of measurements) measurements must be considered for…



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