Hallucinating In UML


Mi'kail Eli'yah
10 min readMay 25


We are used to having chart studio tools to drag and drop the component templates. Sometimes, we keep existing templates for use. A good way is to have everyone in the same meeting space and work out the drawing together from the same template framework. This is quite the simplest until we move to another company where they use a different diagram charting studio.

UML has been around for years. It is incorporated in many programming language packages. What if we can translate the meeting notes to UML we arrive on the workflow, use case scenarios, work plan milestone staging, etc, and get a tool to draw them for us? The scripts can be modified easily when scripted cleanly and be re-used. The tool will get it drawn for us within seconds and leaving us the next 2 hours for better use.

Knowing some syntax in UML, we can draw graphs quite readily by describing it to the tool.

state Generic_Secret_Life_Cycle {
/' Define states
Each state is tagged with an index.
state Generation : 0
state Ready : 1
state Distribution_And_Synch : 2
state Operational : 3
state Suspension : 4
state Destruction : 5

'----- state transition start -----'
Generation -> Ready : 0.1

Ready -> Generation : 1.0
Ready -> Distribution_And_Synch : 1.2

Distribution_And_Synch -> Operational : 2.3
Distribution_And_Synch -> Suspension : 2.4

Operational -> Suspension : 3.4
Operational -> Destruction : 3.5

Suspension -> Ready : 4.1
Suspension -> Destruction : 4.5
'----- state transition end -----'

Use [*] for the starting point and ending point of the state diagram.
Use --> for arrows.

State S1
State S2
S3 -up[#black]-> Sx
S1 -[#DD00AA]-> S2

state S1 ##[dotted]green {
state inner1 ##[dotted]yellow

S3 -left[#green]-> S1
S1 -up[#red,dashed]-> S4

state S4 #palegreen;line:green;line.dashed;text:green

S1 -right[dotted,#blue]-> S5

S5 -> X1
state S5 ##[bold]green {
state agent ##[dotted]yellow

S5: a a a\na

note on link
this is a state-transition note
end note

X1 -[dashed]-> X2

note "This is a floating note" as N1

note top of X1 : this is a short\nnote

note right of X2
A note can also
be defined on
several lines
end note

X1: actor

Z1 -[dotted]-> Z2
Y1 -[#blue,bold]-> Y2
X1 -> Z2
Z2 -> Y2
Y2 -> S3




Mi'kail Eli'yah