Give That Possible World A Chance

What If …

Mi'kail Eli'yah
33 min readDec 25, 2021
Christmas Truce of 1914

We can make 1 light bulb together, but you choose a game to kill each other for 1000 candles? — 2022–01.16

What if …

0. … humans were to choose proactive empathy instead of self-seeking?

The lack of empathy and compassion is extremely dangerous, yet nobody seems to realize it. It is the very cause of our misery. It is also this lack that is spiraling further hopelessness which would one day end the entire humanity.

The avarice to win; the voracious appetite to feed the ego is predatory. It is the same poison that is contaminating this Darwinistic, predatory society. We need a civilization that is empathetic as a form of intelligence.

To induce swarm intelligence to the application of the human race, empathy and the poignancy of desperate will-to-be to end all sufferings is vital to push the human race forward and across the threshold of hope. The lack of such awareness and poignancy, will however, diminish the possibility to refine and elevate oneself, and to unite, engage and connect for a universal non-exclusive, borderless and egoless common altruism.

The survivability of the human race depends on everyone to come together to focus on the right things and to care deeply for one another as one family, and the…