Building Your Antidote And Immunity Against Mental Hijack And Takeovers

Mi'kail Eli'yah
7 min readApr 21, 2019

When a system goes wrong, and is possibly exploitable, we have to comprehend both the ecology and psychology, as both becomes a vicious cycle of each. However, in the same manner, if we understand the system, we can re-design and prescribe the remediation and enhancement to create a virtuous cycle.

This article addresses on how to build the immunity against the series of mental exploits that will distort the human thinking and create the `antidotes` to counter the abuse of the human weaknesses discovered.

With the exposition of the experiments that exposes vulnerability in human psychology, in this article, we can design the antidotes as defensive measures to break up the delusion and prevent the mental hijack and takeovers. The final central focus is to ensure encraty (self-control) and volition (self-will). The resultant is the pursuit of the human quality refinement itself. Effectively, we would addressing the matter of human virtues.

  1. Antidote 1: In-build Perspicacity
  2. Antidote 2: In-build Defensive Cognition
  3. Antidote 3: Cultivate Proactive Compassion
  4. Antidote 4: Collective Deep Perspicacity
  5. Antidote 5: Fortitude And Moral Courage
  6. Antidote 6: Condition Yourself To Step Up and Step Forward
  7. Building The Immunity: Create a Scheme and Framework To Build Your Defense

Antidote 1: In-build Perspicacity

One must vigilant guard against `mental blind spots` and cognitive distortion. The sense of pride, Pride, preference, affinity, aversion, phobia, that will lead to unfair and unjust bias and prejudice must be re-examined. Integrity by building the moral will, starting from the intent must come forward after having clear thinking.

One must dare and cross the mental barrier created to re-examine and question the rationale and basis of all tradition, religion, culture and social norms. Only when it withstand the crucible of logic would the raison d’etre be justifiable.

Mi'kail Eli'yah