Mi'kail Eli'yah
4 min readDec 28, 2021

A collection of books and articles released over the time.


The Art of Architecting Our Lives
3 Volumes
This book is a meditative lucubration over years of relentless reading, strifes, reflections, and, inevitably, painful experiences. It is mannered through countless trial and error basis. It has been waged with pain in hope that the readers will be spared from the excruciations the writers had bore.It aims to emancipate the reader, whatsoever s/he is pressing against on in his/her life. The value of the book may be only be appreciated by the reader, and the only objective is to make a difference in the reader's life, whoeverso at this moment setting his/her eyes on this page. And in doing so, causing the light of life to be passed on from one to many.Fiat lux (Latin): Let there be light.


The Walk Towards Utopia
On the spouts, burgeon, hibernation of human civilization, and how we can go beyond Type 0 with beyond zero-sum to deter the tragic decline, decadence and decay of the society.
This thesis is dedicated to every human who dreams of a better life and a better world for themselves and their children.


The Architect 
"The Architect’s Tenets"
Form determines function. Function determines form.
Technology is any form of stratagems organizing techniques, tools and tactics, achieving a desired event or state.


`Custodes Vade Mecum` (The Guardian’s Handbook)
An handbook on securing systems.
`OpenSSL At 1st Sight`
An introductory series on making basic tools with OpenSSL for secure data protection


`At The Back Of Your Head: An Insight To Mnemonics`, a series on Mnemonics, including a new method released.“Attaining a phenomenal memory as one step towards creating the Savant syndrome.”


`Lore from the Romance of the 3 Kingdoms (三国论), Reflections of Strategies`. 
"Reflections of Strategies"
A series on lessons learned.
Compiled from on notes the Art of War which I entitled as "The Ursa Major Grimoire, 仁者战道". It contains some esoteric lessons passed down by my lineage, as well as my experience in deploying operations. It would be divided into 3 volumes "deceptions 计" and “techniques and tactics 技”, "stratagems 战", "The Way/ Truth 道".


The Mentalist’s Grimoire 
"The Untold, Other Side of The Magic"
The Mentalist’s Grimoire is a mentalist code book derived from mentalism, illusion, and deception. It is extended to create countermeasures to mitigate predatory tricksters from succeeding in misusing and abusing the methods against the public, if the public were to train and equipment themselves against it.

Martial Arts

The Martial Spirit 
"Mind In The Combat"


1. Bruce Lee Found A Solution For Racism But No One Noticed It
2. Exorcising Anxiety
3. Reframing Reviews To Growth Group Sharing
4. Before You Sign Up For The Job
5. Meeting With Military Precision
6. Letters With The Departed
7. The Panacea: Borderless Culture Towards An Unified Human Civilization Starting From An ‘Education Biosphere’
8. Japanese Aesthetics And Design Concepts
9. The Paradox of Motion
10. Mind on a journey: 50 reflections
11. What should one do in their 20s to avoid regrets in their 30s and 40s?
12. Notes Of A Father: Echo To The Past
13. Who Killed Superman
14. Breaking The Dawn Of Artificial Immortality
15. There Are So Many Blockchains — Why Should I Join Yours?
16. The 6 Degrees Of Separation Is A Mere Ideal For Viral Transmission
17. When Life Teases You
18. You Don’t Have To Lie
19. My Soliloquy
20. What Dilbert Wanted To Tell Us
21. Read The Ideas, Not The Words
22. Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences Workbook
23. The Parables Of Paradigm Shifts
24. Painless Change
25. Whispers Of Universal Hope And Joy
26. The Tales Of ChatGPT
27. What Is Really Wrong With AI?
28. In A.I. We Trust
29. Reflections And Insights From The Notes On The Lives Of My Cherished Friends
30. The Few Things You Have To Do - Now
31. Tourists Go Beyond This Point At Your Own Risks
32. A Memorial Requiem For The Departed Never Known
33. Re-Thinking User Protection
34. Reflections Of The Economics Of Blockchain Tokens
35. The Reprise Of Worries Redux
1. The Un-named Enemy
2. Her Name Is ...
3. Ugly Duckling 2.0 — Scrambled Eggs
1. Social Acronyms And Parlance Used


1. Rust
2. Git
1. Notes On Regex Applications
2. Toying Common Linux Tools
3. Hallucinating In UML
4. Visualizing The Situation
5. I Ching Oracle Simulator


1. Notes On Probability Distributions
2. The Question Of Order And Chaos: Data, How Are You Related?
3. Understanding Data: Data, What Are You Telling Me?
4. Dreaming In Latex
5. Extended Euclidean Algorithm


1. Notes On Machine Learning
2. Sleeplesss With scikit-learn
3. Gini Index, Information Gain, And Entropy
4. Designing A Message Payload


1. Criteria Of A Good Argument
2. Code Of Conduct For Effective Rational Discussion