“Do You Have Questions For Me?”

[Regarding the company's ethos]
1. What is the strategy positioning and direction of the company? Do you have a "fight guide"?
* This questions on the 'Go-to-market' strategy and how they can induce adoption. There has to be a framework with clear, concise, targeted segments of the market environment.
There must be clarity of:
requirements -> features -> market / competitive analysis (`fighting guide`) to target strategic use cases -> re-adapted, modified features
2. From…

Illustrative example
Designating an example of an algorithmic formula, i.e. a quadratic equation, example: x³+x+5 = 35.
Designate that a proof is that Prover knows the solution to the equation. Here, solution: x=3.
Hence, this can be used as a witness statement, i.e.

Among Us

Note: Please refer acronym list.

Anonymous Signing

Multi-Signatures or Threshold Signatures

Multi-signature (Itakura and Nakamura, 1983) schemes reveal data only when certain conditions are met, i.e. an adequate number of entities (e.g., k of N, where k may be 3, N may be 5) authorize. Another option may be threshold signature or presentation, e.g. Schnorr signature, SSS (Shamir Secret sharing (1979)). In terms of privacy, Multi-signature covers Signature Accountability, as it is always explicit which private keys are used to sign a transaction. For MPC based signatures, it is indistinguishable. MPC enables several entities to contribute their data to recover a combined dataset while keeping their…

Caveat: While vulgarity has been so discouraged among my common social group that it is in desuetude, acridity exists.* semiotics:  The study of signs and symbols and their use or interpretation. Synonyms: semeiology[A]
AIDA: Attention / Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action.
Big Meaningless Naming
`Explain It To Me` where an in-built tool have notes added to perform "explain it to me"…

[Infrastructure — Network] 
1. Topology Scanner: Finding the weak joint for partition attacks
2. Packer sniffer (Wireless and Wire tappers, access point detection and discovery, Man-in-the-middle interception tool)

1. Malware generator: Collection of Trojans, Viruses, Worms, Malware, Denial of service (DoS) tools, Distributed denial of service (DDoS) tools, Spyware, Backdoors (akin OpenSSH Secure remote access), etc
2. Vulnerability assessment tool:
2.1. Internal scans: Discovery and analysis on Certificate, ssh keys, vulnerable modules marked by CVEs, Intrusion detection (internal tripwires and honey pots)
2.2. External scans: Port protocols, port scanner (active status and activity)
3. Password bruteforce-recovery tool (include…

Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?

12 nodes
Trust is conditional and contextual. - 2013-08.14Evidence are the constructs to proof, they are not proof per se. — 2020–08.16
Before any communication, 2 things need to be established:
1. Trust (`why` should it trust the entity of `who` the entity is, and `what`


Etymologically derived from Greek word, ἀδύνατον (adunaton), “unable, impossible”.Adynaton is a form of hyperbole.Example:
"I’ll believe that when the sun sets in the east."
The clear implication in this phrase is that the sun will never set in the east, and thus the speaker will never believe what is in question.


Etymologically derived from Greek word, anakolouthon, from an-: “not” and ἀκόλουθος akólouthos, “following”.Anacoluthon is an unexpected discontinuity in the expression of ideas within a sentence, leading to a form of words in which there is logical incoherence of thought.Example:
"You can wait … till it is…

A Work Of Fiction From The `Holodeck`

Excuse Me, I Have A Question

Get A Different Answer With A Different Way Of Questioning

Caveat: This is not meant as a tutorial for social manipulation or political maneuvering. If you win hearts, you must offer yours. When people know you are just manipulative, not only will you lose their trust, they will lose their hope in people. Do not be a cause to such damage.

Mi'kail Eli'yah

Scientist, humanitarian

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