Paraprosdokians are funny and unexpected. Creativity is the hidden ingredient in the element of surprise. They are delightful to collect as part of the trove of any idea collector, which can be used as inspirational cues and shift paradigm steroids for creative work. In some cases, they contain wisdom and…

Mind The Perils

Catatumbo lightning, Venezuela. It occurs only over the mouth of the Catatumbo River where it empties into Lake Maracaibo. It occurs during 260 nights a year, 10 hours per day and up to 280x per hour.

What Happened To The Little Riding Hood?

The Little Riding Hood does face certain risks when her mother sends her through the woods to visit her grandmother, and what is an old lady living alone in the deep woods?

The big bad wolf indeed has frightening Endurance. It is a carnivore. Such is encoded in its nature…

The Threshold Between Victory And Defeat Of The Warlords

The Byzantine Generals’ Problem (Lamport, Shostak, Pease et al, 1982) stated a scenario where a commanding general must send an order to n-1 allies or lieutenant generals such that:

1. All loyal lieutenants obey the same plan of action under the order2. A small number of traitors (including the…

Thinking With Your Hand

We have to harass our thinking, and we have to enhance what we do not know. The ability to possess the thinking is faculty, the knowledge and facts are the materials. They form the resources and facilities.

There is a thinking framework, a mind map, which you can use when…

Some Dreams Are Never Born

Would success be better defined by the following criteria?

Technical: that it satisfies the designated outcome. This may be measured by a list of objectives from primary to tertiary targets.Example: Euclidean comparison and distance as a means of measurement.

Some people don’t ‘succeed’ all their lives, not because their…

When And How To Seize That Chance

We are not going to discuss basic probability, the fundamentals are required here and it deserves a book (a big primer) on its own. What is scoped here is
1. the approach on if we should or should not take that chance,
2. or to create a situation to set…

In the age of information, ignorance is a choice, but what if the information is arranged, spiked and doped? What if we had been fed with loaded misinformation to be led, lured and misdirected, such that we cannot unthink what we had been made to think — for years? …

The Common Denominator Of The Mind Of A Strategist And Of An Innovator

Innovation is a form of wizardry. It delivers the Prometheus fire to mortal manifestation, of what was formerly not there to realization. Wizardry is about transformation, and it brings to reality what was not there.

They used to call us ‘wizards’. Today, they called us ‘scientists and engineers’.

A friend…

How To Conduct Meetings That Deliver Surgical Operational Efficacy

Almost everyone I meet complains about meetings. For sure, they take away the calories of our mind and spend the precious minutes of our 1440 daily. How can we procure the outcome from the resource we put in? While S.M.A.R.T. …

Mi'kail Eli'yah

Scientist, humanitarian

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