Paraprosdokians are funny and unexpected. Creativity is the hidden ingredient in the element of surprise. They are delightful to collect as part of the trove of any idea collector, which can be used as inspirational cues and shift paradigm steroids for creative work. In some cases, they contain wisdom and…

Mind The Perils

Catatumbo lightning, Venezuela. It occurs only over the mouth of the Catatumbo River where it empties into Lake Maracaibo. It occurs during 260 nights a year, 10 hours per day and up to 280x per hour.

What Happened To The Little Riding Hood?

The Little Riding Hood does face certain risks when her mother sends her through the woods to visit her grandmother, and what is an old lady living alone in the deep woods?

The big bad wolf indeed has frightening Endurance. It is a carnivore. Such is encoded in its nature…

Signing Over The Curves

Due to shorter key lengths for the same level of security, ECC gives better performance compared to RSA. However, they do come with certain limitations.

The common disadvantage of ECC is that it increases the size of the encrypted message significantly more than RSA encryption.

The common ECC signatures include…

The Midas’ Questions

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Evolutionary biologist: “The chicken crossed the road because they saw a potential mate on the other side.”Kinesiologist: “The chicken crossed the road because the muscles in the leg contracted and pulled the leg bone forward during each step.”Neuroscientist : “The chicken crossed the road because the neurons in…

Tale Of Fiction From The `Holodeck`

A uniformed school-girl was trying to find her way to obtain some goods. For some reason, she kept going in circles, and no one was helping her when she asked for directions. She approached a young man slightly older than her for help. He towered over her by the height…



The Art of Architecting Our Lives
3 Volumes


The Architect 
"The Architect’s Tenets"


`Custodes Vade Mecum` (The Guardian’s Handbook)
An handbook on securing systems.
`OpenSSL At 1st Sight`
An introductory series on making basic tools with OpenSSL for secure data protection


`At The Back Of Your Head: An Insight To…

Custodes Vade Mecum

`Custodes Vade Mecum` (The Guardian’s Handbook)

An handbook on securing systems.

Part 1: Security Insights
Segment 01: Secrets Life Cycle
Segment 02: Tooling With Engineering Clarity
Segment 03: Cryptographic Defenses
Segment 04: Cryptographic Flaws Exploited
Segment 05: The Problem With Secrets
Segment 06: The Matter Of Privacy
Segment 07: Side-Channel
Segment 08: Secure Channel
Segment 09: Trusted Audit
Segment 10: Zero Trust Platform Foundation

Mi'kail Eli'yah

Scientist, humanitarian

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